PTSA Why Should I Join?



PTSA is the largest child advocate group in the nation. We do more than make cupcakes. Here at Willowcreek we are responsible for helping with teacher our children RESPECT that includes Drug Awareness, Pornography & Safety Awareness, Teacher Appreciation, Bullying and Respecting Others (Respect Month); Preparing our children for the Future (Reality Town); Cultural Awareness (Reflections); Teacher Appreciation; keeping up on important Legislature issues and most importantly we are the link between the parents, the students and the school administration and teachers.


Sometimes at the Secondary School levels there are many fallacies about parental involvement and PTSA that we would like to clear up:


Fallacy #1 – They don’t need me

Many parents are involved in PTSA at the elementary school level but when their child starts Middle School they feel they are not needed or wanted anymore. That is NOT true!!! We need you and we want you. Your help and involvement is needed even more as your child enters the teenage years…a scary phase of life for all parents. The plus side is it is not as time intensive and it is A LOT MORE FUN than on the elementary school level – so be involved!


Fallacy #2 – My child would be too embarrassed if I were involved

All children are different and your child may be embarrassed, but do you know that you can be involved without even seeing your child or being seen at school? We need help with teacher appreciation, judging reflections, planning, making food and all other sorts of things that don’t require you to be at the school (except to bring what you have done!)


Fallacy #3 – PTSA doesn’t do anything of real importance

Every school has a different PTSA but this year our PTSA does want to make a difference. We want to better the communication between the school and the parents, we want your feedback, we want our teachers to feel appreciated, and we want the students to feel a sense of pride and belonging while attending Willowcreek Middle School. These wishes don’t just happen on their own, they require work and help from parents.

We have been told by numerous administrators in the Alpine School District that the reason Alpine School District does so well on the low budget they function on is because of PARENTAL SUPPORT! We do make a difference. This year we will be sponsoring Respect Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, Spirit Days, Reality Town, Reflections, Halloween & Valentine Dance, and a special Service Activity for Lehi Beautification Week.

Also at Willowcreek, our PTSA is very involved in helping out teachers, seeing what areas of education need improvement, bringing to light issues parents have with certain programs or departments, and being a liaison between student, teachers and administration.


Fallacy #4 – I gain nothing from being a member of PTSA

Wrong! You will gain a lot for being a member. Do you know by being a member you have access to several discounts including Southwest Vacations, T-Mobile, and Sharp Electronics. The weekly emails to notify you of school events alone is worth the $5!! But also, if your child joins PTSA they will be allowed to attend the Halloween dance for free, join in the Lehi Beautification Week Activity, and be able to attend some special enrichments reserved for PTSA student members. You will also be a member of the largest child advocate group in the country! You’ll be updated on important legislative items that affect our children; and you’ll assist in the creation of the greatest middle school in Utah!

We Will Learn And Succeed!