PTSA Reflections

2016-2017 Reflections Theme:

What Is Your Story” 

Reflect on the theme – Create an original work – Be recognized.
Each year, the PTA Reflections Program challenges students to create art inspired by a specific theme, and students submit entries to a local PTA or PTSA. Nationally, the program has six arts areas—dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography, and visual arts—and four grade divisions—primary, intermediate, middle/junior, and senior. This year National has added the 3-D category that Utah has had for several years but will be judging it with the Visual Arts. Utah has allowed these to be separate categories up to the Region level. At the State level they will be judge together. Utah has about 60,000 students enter the reflections program annually!
When children express themselves through words, pictures, music, dance, and other art forms, they grow intellectually and socially. They learn to analyze their thoughts, feelings, and ideas; learn to look at things, people, and experiences in a fresh and exciting way; and become more interested in the ideas and works of others.
The PTA Reflections Program is designed to enhance a quality arts education by providing an opportunity for students to explore their artistic talents and receive positive recognition for their efforts. We are proud to offer the Reflections program here at Willowcreek Middle School.
        Theme:   “What Is Your Story”
        Date Entries are Due:   Wednesday October 26, 2016
        Where:   In the office
Need more information: Entry Forms are available on the links below or copies are available in the office. If you have any other questions, please call or email:
Julie Wilford – H – 801-766-0139 – C – 801-369-2943[email protected].
        2016 Student Entry Form – Required (same for all categories)
        2016 Artist Statement Forms – Required (separate form for each category)
        2016 Consent Form – Only needed if recognizable voices or faces of someone other then the student are used in entries. See guidelines.
        2016 General & Arts Category Rules – please read both Official Rules for Participation and Specific Category Rules before submitting your entries
All entries must be student’s original work and submitted by only one student. Each entry must have a signed entry form and artist statement form. The artist statement is worth one half of the judging score. If appropriate, include a consent form as well if their are recognizable voices or face of someone other than the student submitting the entry.

For more information & rules –

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